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Medical Transcription Service: At Star Medical Services No job is too large or too small!

Medical Transcription ServiceWe provide a full range of services and technology to address all your medical transcription and healthcare information management needs. Whether you are a large hospital, group practice or single practitioner, we have a solution that will streamline and improve your transcription and data management processes.

Our mission is to provide an accurate, reliable and cost effective medical transcription service with perfect security and confidentiality.

The unique aspect and intangible characteristic of our service(s) is that, we offer full array, cost effective medical transcription service with complete customer satisfaction, high accuracy, fastest turnaround and most competitive prices providing 100% feedback and reporting.

The turnaround time for a transcription depends on the urgency indicated by the physician and can range from as little as one day to as many as two business days.

At Star Medical Services, we encourage our doctors to prevent rush transcriptions whenever possible, to ensure a consistently high standard of quality in our final product. The bottom line of our ability to compete lies in our ability to provide best service to every physician and other health care professionals.

Many practices never really consider the total cost of transcription to their practice when medical transcription is done internally. A good rule of thumb is to multiply your transcriptionists labor and benefits by 250%. Many businesses fail to consider the many indirect costs associated with in-house staff, such as:

  • Only around 50% Medical Transcription Utilization
  • Technical Support and Software Upgrades
  • Equipment Costs and Maintenance
  • Equipment Depreciation
  • Office Space and Utilities
  • Recruiting and Training Costs

However, savings are not the most important criterion. The following factors should be considered when choosing to outsource: medical transcription costs, quality and accuracy, turnaround time, and in-house staffing levels. All these factors can be summarized in one word - Value.

We transcribe both Audio and Video files, both in analog and digital formats.

All transcribing is done by people, not machines. All work is thoroughly proofed before it is returned to you. The work is not just read over after typing but read over while listening for second time. The finished product is almost near-perfect and accurate.

We accept audio tape or digital formats like .mp3, .mp4, .wav, .avi, .wmv, .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, .wma, .rm and .flv files

We work hard to ensure that our services are always on budget and on time.

We strive to deliver:

  • 98% error-free transcribed documents
  • Extremely Competitive transcription rates
  • Total accountability for quality of service and support
  • Flexibility on medium for transcription (Video, Audio or Analog, digital)

Our Medical Transcription Services are as follows:

Transcription of all Clinical Specialties History and physical examination Report
Tape Transcription Video Transcription
Operative Reports Radiology Report
Pathology Report Request for consultation
Discharge Summary Death Summary
Autopsy Report S.O.A.P. Notes & Correspondence
Dentistry/Oral Surgery Psychiatry/Psychology

Our Medical Transcription services are completely flexible, which basically means that you can customize our medical transcription services as per your specific requirements.

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