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Star Medical Services helps you work smarter, better and faster!

Star Medical ServicesMedical documentation is at the heart of everything you do. Without timely and accurate documentation, you would be unable to provide appropriate care to patients or receive payment for the services you provide. Without timely and accurate documentation, you would find it difficult to maintain healthy, productive relationships with physicians or regulators. In short, it would be impossible to remain a hospital without medical documentation you can rely on.

Star Medical Services is a Windsor-based company that provides medical professionals with fast and near-perfect accurate Medical Transcriptions. SMS is committed to providing exceptional and highly cost effective medical transcription service to clinics, hospitals, community health centers and independent health practitioners across the United States and Canada.

Our Medical Transcription Services are perfectly designed to meet the specific requirements of various healthcare facilities including clinics, hospitals, community health centers and individual healthcare practitioners. Just dictate your procedures, chart notes, referrals, discharge summaries or any other medical reports that you want to transcribe and we will do the rest. We understand the importance of precise documentation and focus on providing quality service that will meet and exceed your expectations. The use of advanced technology along with our dedication to quality service has made us one of the most reliable medical transcription companies in North America.

For decades, the healthcare community has realized the benefits of outsourcing to not only improve quality but to contain costs. Outsourcing services means a reduction in administrative burdens and fixed costs. At SMS we have made it our business to partner with clinics, hospitals, group practices of all sizes and budgets to maximize outsourcing potential. We help facilities save thousands of dollars annually by simply moving from an in-house to outsourced transcription model.

This outsourcing is the key feature of Medical Transcription Services. We can provide both full and partially outsourced solutions, to address a hospital's on-going transcription and/or backlog requirements. We understand your health records environment and tailor a solution to meet your outsourcing requirements. By opting for outsourcing, companies can concentrate on their core competencies and increase their profits.

There are dozens of reasons to outsource, but the most common reasons as follows:

  • Eliminate transcriptionist employment taxes and benefits.
  • Avoid hiring, training, and management expenses for transcription.
  • Cut-out sick time, vacation, and family-leave costs.
  • Make use of office space otherwise reserved for transcription.
  • Pay for only the services you use and nothing more and beat the competition.
  • Focus on patient care versus administrative duties and increase profits.
Values - Our Guiding Principles
  • We promise to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical manner.
  • We promise to transcribe every report as if it were our own.
  • We promise to remain accountable for all our actions.
  • We promise to hear and act upon feedback from our clients.
  • We promise to allocate our resources in a responsible manner.

With rising costs and decreasing budgets, hospitals, community health centers and other medical facilities have increasingly been turning to a medical transcription companies to reduce overhead and streamline operations. Unfortunately not all transcription services are operated in the same ethical manner. Many medical transcription services with their eye on profitability have reverted to sub-contracting and sending clients work offshore usually to the surprise of their client. This not only compromises quality and confidentially but also creates a breach of trust.

At Star Medical Services it's different. Every person involved in the transcription, proof reading and administration of your reports is an SMS employee and we never sub-contract. We take great pride as your medical transcription company in providing you with the best service you can find.

We guarantee to take good care of your dictation, because we are dedicated medical transcription, medical billing and medical coding people. We are specialists in digital as well as analogue medical transcription offering a fast, near-perfect accurate and at the same time affordable medical transcription service for your dictation. Our company's philosophy is "Total Customer Satisfaction."

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