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 Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Muharram al-Haram
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Ramadan al-Mubarak
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Asma al-Husna: 99 Beautiful names of Allah (SWT) Al-Asma al-Husna, Audio MP3

Asma al-Husna: 99 beautiful names of Allah (SWT)

Here is a list of most beautiful names of Allah (SWT) or 99 names of Allah (SWT) used in Islam with their meanings in English. "The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on him by them." (Glorious Qur'an 7:180)

He is Allah the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner; His are the most excellent names; whatever is in the heavens and the earth declares His glory; and He is the Mighty, the Wise. (Glorious Qur'an 59:24)

Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction. (Glorious Qur'an 13:28)

Al-Quddus Al-Malik Ar-Raheem/Ar-Rahim Ar-Rahman
Al-Aziz Al-Muhaymin Al-Mu'min As-Salam
Al-Bari Al-Khaliq Al-Mutakabbir Al-Jabbar
Al-Wahhab Al-Qahhar Al-Ghaffar Al-Musawwir
Al-Qabiz Al-Aleem/Al-Alim Al-Fattah Ar-Razzaq
Al-Muizz Ar-Rafi Al-Khafiz Al-Basit
Al-Hakam Al-Basir As-Sami Al-Muzill
Al-Haleem/Al-Halim Al-Khabeer/Al-Khabir Al-Lateef/Al-Latif Al-Adl
Al-Ali As-Shakur Al-Ghafoor/Al-Ghafur Al-Adheem/Al-Azim
Al-Haseeb Al-Muqeet/Al-Muqit Al-Hafeedh/Al-Hafiz Al-Kabeer/Al-Kabir
Al-Mujeeb/Al-Mujib Ar-Raqeeb/Ar-Raqib Al-Kareem/Al-Karim Al-Jaleel/Al-Jalil
Al-Majeed Al-Wadud Al-Hakeem Al-Wasi
Al-Wakeel/Al-Wakil Al-Haqq Ash-Shaheed Al-Baaith/Al-Ba'ith
Al-Hameed Al-Wali Al-Mateen Al-Qawi
Al-Muhyi Al-Mueed/Al-Mu'id Al-Mubdi Al-Muhsi
Al-Wajid Al-Qayyum Al-Hai/Al-Hayee Al-Mumeet/Al-Mumit
As-Samad Al-Ahad Al-Wahid Al-Majid
Al-Muakhkhir Al-Muqaddim Al-Muqtadir Al-Qadir
Al-Batin Adh-Dhaahir/Az-Zahir Al-Aakhir Al-Awwal
At-Tawwab Al-Barr Al-Muta'ali Al-Wali
Malik-ul-Mulk Ar-Rauf/Ar-Raoof Al-Afuw Al-Muntaqim
Al-Ghani Al-Jaamay Al-Muqsit Dhul-Jalali wal Ikram
An-Naafay Adh-Dhaar/Ad-Dhaarr Al-Maanay Al-Mughni
Al-Baqi Al-Badei Al-Haadi An-Nur/An-Noor
Allah (SWT) As-Sabur/As-Saboor Ar-Rasheed Al-Waarith/Al-Waris

Healing Powers of Al-Asma al-Husna

It has been discovered by Doctor Ibrahim Karim (Biologist) that Asma ul Husna, most beautiful names of Allah (SWT) have healing power to a large number of diseases.

He used precision methods in the measurement of energy within the human body and discovered that every one of the names of Allah (SWT) stimulates energy in the immune system of the human body to work efficiently in a certain ideal human body.

He discovered that the mere mention (reciting) of most beautiful names of Allah (SWT) leads to improvement in the tracks Bio Energy within the human body, and after a 3-years of research Doctor Ibrahim Karim reached to the following:

01. Ear - As Sami (The all Hearing)
02. Bone - Al Nafi (The creator of good)
03. Backbone - Al Jabbar (The Compeller)
04. Knee - Al Ra uf (The Clement)
05. Hair - Al Badi (The Originator)
06. Heart - Al Nur (The Light)
07. Muscles - Al Qawi (The All Strength)
08. Heart Waves - Al Wahab (The giver of All)
09. Heart Muscle - Al Razaqq (The Sustainer)
10. Nerve - Al Mughni (The Enricher)
11. Artery - Al Jabbar (The Compeller)
12. Stomach - Al Razaqq (The Sustainer)
13. Cancer - Al Jalil (The Mighty)
14. Thyroid - Al Jabbar (The Compeller)
15. Thigh- Al Rafi (The Exalter)
16. Migraine - Al Ghani (The Rich One)
17. Eye Arteries - Al Muta ali (The Supreme One)
18. Kidney - Al Hayy (The Ever Living One)
19. Colon - Al Ra uf (The Clement)
20. Intestine - Al Razzaq (The Sustainer)
21. Liver - Al Nafi (The creator of good)
22. Pancreas - Al Bari (The Make of Order)
23. Fatty Sacks - Al Nafi (The creator of good)
24. Womb - Al Khaliq (The Creator)
25. Bladder - Al Hadi (The Guide)
26. Rheumatism - Al Muhaymin (The Guardian)
27. Prostat - Al Rashid (The Righteous Teacher)
28. Nerves of the Eye - Al Zahir (The Manifest One)
29. Pineal Gland - Al Hadi (The Guide)
30. Blood Pressure - Al Khafed (The Abaser)
31. Lung - Al Razzaq (The Sustainer)
32. Thymus Gland - Al Qawi (The All Strength)
33. Gland above the Kidney - Al Bari (The Make of Order)
34. Hair Peel - Al Jalil (The Mighty)
35. The Nasal Cavities - (Al Latif, Al Ghani, Al Raheem)
36. Eye - (Al Nur, Al Basir, Al Wahab)

Method of treatment: Lay your hands on the place of pain and praise Allah (SWT) names above according to your disease until the pain heals or cure away Insha Allah.

Note: Please keep in mind whatever takes place in result of reciting the names of Allah (SWT) depends on the will of Allah, the Almighty.

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